Helpful tips for Youth Exchange in Erasmus +

Título/TitleHelpful tips for arranging a youth exchange.

Previus info about “Youth exchanges”

Autor/Authors: Participants at Training Course “Exchange and Survive” celebrated 6-12th Sept. 2015. Compilated by Mateusz Sztajnke. Teacher: Daniel Gismera. Organized by Las Niñas del Tul;   ONGs involved: Spain: El Peñoncillo, Ciudad de los Niños, A troche y moche. ; Bulgaria: Concordia, CVS Organization; Poland: Stowarzyszenie Elbalg Europa; Hungary: Compass Organization; Cyprus: Citizens in Power; Yeu Cyprus.      A activity of Erasmus +, INJUVE, ANE. 

Fecha publicación: for next week the tips will be in a pdf document.

Útil para/useful for: Youth workers

Descripción/description:  Tips that could be interesting for youth workers for arranging a youth exchange of E+, KA1 . Please,  feel free to improve the tips. At the end of this document there is a random selection of points; please find a proper position for them. Create new header/categories, if needed, and don’t hesitate to make this list perfect 🙂
Lo +/the bestIt refers to different levels and times in the drafting and implementation of youth exchange project .


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